Case Study:  Workforce Restructuring

The expertise and experience of Lindholm & Associates, Inc. in planning, executing, and assessing workforce restructuring and reshaping activities and options are at the highest level.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc. has played critical roles in numerous departments and agencies in assessing organizational and workforce structures to arrive at the most effective and results-oriented approaches. 

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. consists of individuals who were previously responsible at OPM for Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA), Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments (VSIP or buyouts), Reduction in Force (RIF) and other workforce restructuring regulations and policies.  Since leaving OPM, these experts have applied their expertise to agencies undergoing workforce reductions, reorganizations, and reshaping activities within their workforces. 

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. has planned and executed RIFs; developed and implemented an automated RIF tool for civilian agencies; implemented competitive sourcing decisions under RIF rules; developed and managed retention registers; successfully defended RIF actions in legal proceedings; and, conducted cost benefit analyses.  

In addition, Lindholm & Associates, Inc. has conducted many organizational and workforce studies, resulting in reorganizations, job redesign, competency gap analysis and modeling, and requests for budget allocations.  When supporting agencies in these organizational and workforce reshaping activities, we strive to leverage existing human capital, fiscal, technological, and other resources while still supporting agency program goals and redirection.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc.’s tools to profile and assess agency and individual competencies enable them to identify, tailor and implement competency gap-closing strategies for recruitment, retention and development of the right talent

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. successfully conducted, developed and implemented strategic human capital planning, workforce planning, succession planning, organizational assessments, and workforce restructuring projects for FEMA, FMCSA, State Dept., Federal Election Commission, Maritime Administration, and other departments and agencies.  We carried out a full range of RIF planning and execution for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of Labor, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Department of State, NASA Langley Research Center, and other agencies – and in all cases, no actions were overturned during dozens of MSPB or EEOC reviews.

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. implemented competitive sourcing decisions under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76 by Departments of State and Labor by planning and carefully executing voluntary personnel agreements in lieu of RIF for all impacted employees.

We have prepared VERA/VSIP packages and obtained OPM approval for several Department of State bureaus, Department of Labor, FMCSA, OIG/Interior, and other agencies.

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