Case Study:  Recruiting and Staffing

Team Lindholm’s experience in operations recruitment and staffing activities is at the highest level.  The President of Lindholm & Associates, Inc. was the former Associate Director at OPM responsible for all government wide policy in this area as well as responsible for implementation of reimbursable services.  Under her leadership, Lindholm & Associates, Inc. has been frequently tapped by multiple federal departments and agencies to provide technical guidance and operational support in recruiting and staffing all types of occupations and positions including those at the entry level. 

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. consultants (many with OPM's DEU certification) have extensive experience in fully utilizing and leveraging the capabilities of multiple applicant assessment systems.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc. know how to maximize what an automated staffing system can offer and how to use it as the first or only tier of assessment of candidates and have developed and implemented a second tier of assessment that builds on the results of screening available in hiring management systems and ensures legal and regulatory compliance.

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. clearly understands OPM requirements, agency policies and procedures, and all applicable legal rules for delegated examining, merit promotion, special appointing authorities, hiring flexibilities, and other programs through which candidates may be identified, recruited and hired.  Team Lindholm has creatively worked with agencies to target new recruitment sources and utilize new methods, incorporating social media, to attract the best talent to the federal government.

Overall, Lindholm & Associates, Inc. serves as an expert technical resource in all recruitment and staffing areas and branding and recruitment approaches. 

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. has developed recruitment case-tracking tools, classification tracking systems, recruitment tracking, and many other solutions to assure end-to-end rigor and transparency in the recruitment process.

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