Case Study:  Operations and Surge Support

Whether it is recruitment, performance management, work/life balance, a drug-free workplace or any other talent management initiative, Lindholm & Associates, Inc. consultants have the experience and expertise to design and implement, assess and improve or simply assist in meeting HR goals.

The firm’s consultants have spent years perfecting these programs and are able to leverage standard industry practices from the public and private sectors because they know that’s what it takes to stay relevant.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc. brings outstanding writing and analytical skills, deep human capital subject matter expertise, and many years of experience in the area of human capital research, analysis, and policy evaluation. 

We have designed HR policies and programs specifically to meet the needs of federal agency operations and missions.  We have the depth and breadth of federal human capital subject matter expertise to provide advisory and support services across the entire domain. 

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. provides the full range of recruitment, staffing and examining operations for filling positions from the Senior Executive level to the support level, across the nation.  We conduct the necessary research and respond to inquiries, issues, human capital needs, and agency priorities.

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. conducts preliminary reviews and preparation for external audits and respond to findings in accordance with Human Capital direction.  During increased and surge hiring peaks, we provide resources to obtain and process missing documentation required for new employees, to include: prior service Official Personnel Folders (OPF), Requests for Preliminary Employment Data (SF-75s), and EOD paperwork. 

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. is comfortable serving as complementary partners with federal staff, providing quality peer reviews on all HR deliverables and serving as quality control experts on HR operations.

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