Case Study:  Supporting New and Evolving Agencies

In 2007, the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression had begun to cripple the US economy.  Home values drop, savings and investments collapsed, jobs evaporated.

In June 2009, the President proposed the establishment of a consumer-focused advocacy agency to heighten government accountability and supervise and enforce the laws over providers of consumer financial products and services. In July 2010, the President signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which established the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

As a start-up enterprise, CFPB lacked all the fundamentals of a functional organization such as policy, people, processes, and staff with the skill, expertise, and experience in Federal HR management to get the agency up and running. 

Beginning in 2011 and for years afterwards, CFPB chose Lindholm & Associates, Inc. both as a Prime Contractor and through sub-contracts to deliver a wide-array of agency-critical products, services, and assistance. During these formative years, Lindholm provided best practices in organizational design and management and innovative solutions in the design and implementation of a highly-specialized organization and workforce.

Lindholm provided support to the agency in job design, staffing, classification, recruitment, training planning and delivery, and diversity and inclusion.

Similarly, Lindholm & Associates, Inc. has worked closely in the Department of Homeland Security as it evolved from collection of relocated agencies into a cohesive Department filling a critical mission to protect the Nation.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc. conducted workforce planning in several DHS agencies including FEMA and TSA.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc. drafted new and revised policies to cover the newly reorganized Department.  The firm participated in the full range of end-to-end staffing services for DHS, and has continued to support the Department as it's mission continues.

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. takes great pride in being in the vanguard of extremely important agency transitions such as these two.  The firm leverages its premiere expertise to assist Federal clients in establishing programs, processes, and results which enable the agency to carry out its vital mission.

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