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About Lindholm & Associates, Inc.

Lindholm & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a woman-owned small business providing innovative management solutions, strategies, tools, and services for improving workforce and organizational performance with special emphasis on federal human capital management.

The firm draws from a pool of over 250 former Federal senior executives, senior managers, and specialists/assistants (many from the US Office of Personnel Management - OPM) and private sector professionals who have worked extensively in human resources management, human capital and workforce planning, competency modeling, administrative services, organizational development and transformation, and workforce and business process restructuring.

The firm applies expertise and knowledge gained through experience in governmentwide, departmental and agency policy and operational units as well as work with state governments, non-profits, and private sector companies.

Lindholm & Associates is not like a lot of companies in the market sector which “also” do HR.  In recent years, competition for federal contracts has driven large military/industrial, homeland security, science and technology, and IT firms to add “HR” to their list of services, and to tabs on their website.  They tout “experience” at human resources management in an effort to boost corporate bottom lines and supplement flagging revenue in their core capabilities areas.  The simple fact is that human resources and human capital management are not “other things” that Lindholm & Associates added to try to boost profits or strengthen the bottom line. 

Federal HR is not just a subset of a larger corporate strategy or a tab on our website.  Federal human resources management, strategies, operations, planning, and execution are what Lindholm does.  They are what we are built to do. 

We stand head and shoulders above the competition and bring unrivaled hands-on, direct experience as former HR leaders, executives, policy experts, HR Directors, widely recognized HR experts.  The firm applies expertise and knowledge of the full spectrum of federal HR management gained through experience in government-wide, departmental and agency policy and operational units as well as work with state and local governments, non-profits, and private sector companies.

The firm has grown quickly to become one of the premier and well-recognized experts in areas such as human capital management, organizational assessment, workforce planning, and competency modeling.  Lindholm & Associates, Inc. assists public and private sector entities in meeting workforce demands, achieving higher levels of human and organizational performance, and mapping strategies for tomorrow.

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